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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Storytelling: seminar in Piura

Piura: land of carob tress and mesquites, heat and semi-arid lands and also home town of one of our greatest national heros: Miguel Grau.

Invited by the University of Piura, gave a seminar about the war and about Gloria del Pacifico for its students and alumni this week in an event called "Storytelling: Stories worth being told" Protocol schedules were a bit varied and busy but all in all, exchanging and sharing experiences with young people is enriching.

Many from the audience will eventually become somebody in the business in the future and being a part of that is rewarding. You can tell from among the alumni who have the chops to do it, the curious ones, the ones interested in deeper topics about the field, the ones that have a broader picture of things without losing the details. Much enthusiasm is needed as a catalyst to do stuff here but experience and knowledge is the key. Told them that an "Initial spark and dreams is what everybody has....the chops and know-how not everybody....and that's what makes the difference between a professional work and an amateur intent."

Thank you Piura. Will be back soon to enjoy more of the city and surrouding beautiful areas. This time it was just work-hotel-airport.

Duty calls...