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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Jib crane first test

So finally, I ran the first test of my new jib crane yesterday and today. The frantic days as filming date approaches doesn't allow much time for testing out in the open for by the time I'm done for the day it's already night. So...I went ahead and tried it in the parking garage.

I used to own a jib crane before. The PortaJib was a very professional tool and I have shot much of my prior films and videoclips with it, but sold it like 3 years ago. Now, the need for a jib has shown it's face as "long shots" of the battle scenes require high positioning of the camera above the massive crowds of soldiers. It also add dynamic energy to moving takes that helps give that sense of motion typical of cinematic techniques. So, did a bit of research on the net and found new options and companies that make interesting camera support equipment that years ago weren't around. Options and designs that make the jib crane simple and easy to operate even more than before. Got myself a new one in the end.

Well, the height of the parking garage ceiling is barely 2.50 meters high and that limited me to only use the basic configuration which raises my camera to only 2.15 meters. Not bad for interior shots but I'm eager to try it with the extension kit I also purchased.

So far, the weighs I got myself are doing the trick. Was kinda tricky to find a way to balance it for the difference in lens size I use changes the counter-weigh needed and it gets off balance a bit. 1.25 lbs weighs are hard to find but I was suggested a good hidden spot downtown where they sell all kinds of sporting good things and brought it home together with two 15 kg weighs. Carrying 30 kg while walking 5 blocks in downtown (not many parking lots there) was a bit odd and cumbersome but the effort's worth it.

Tomorrow, if time allows, I'll test the extended version which raises my cam up to 6 meters high!

My camera configuration weighs around 19.8 lbs which is like 9 kg. A bit heavy so better be careful and secure it tight. Don't want it crashing down against the floor.