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Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekend filming

4 am and we just finished filming for this weekend.
We ran overtime as some little problems aroused that were fixed after a while.
Been a long week of shooting.
We'll do the last takes during the week.
I have slept only 2 hours in two days and a half.
I'm pretty exhausted.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Gaming By Design - new film

Pre-production has began on my new film. A short flix written by my friend Peter Myhr.
What I like this time compared to when I shot the anti-drug commercial is that Im surrounded now by people that have worked in the field for some years so they have the experience to pull of this braoder production. Finally, I can rely on people I feel confident with.
Some ex Nebraska Film Group members and friends are jumping in and we are all excited about it.

Im just happy that it has all become like a camaraderie and that it just started as a personal mission to make my friends Pete project come to life. I know how it feels to see one's baby up on the screen and more than happy to be one of the team to make it happen.

Some sections of the script need some tweeking and Pete was cool enought to let me re-write some parts for punch.

Now...on to work.