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Thursday, July 1, 2010

And wardrobe keeps coming along

Again, worried as hell to have all the wardrobe and uniforms ready on time, for filming, I have to get involved to give a hand.

It's a learning experience about wardrobe making also. So fascinating. Can't deny it.
I'll have fond memories of these all when it's over.

Went to Gamarra today again for two huge rolls of red fabric 60 mts. each to make more soldier pants.
The cutter I got for the wardrobe people is really paying off. It cuts more pieces in an hour than doing it by hand that would take days.

In the end, all uniforms will be stained and made to look worn out and dirty. IT all should look like the oil painting picture shown last below.

So far...time is running and it's a frantic days for me.