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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sarmiento as Lagos

Having most of the actors that will play the Peruvian heroes covered, I'm focusing on the Chileans now.
Again, I'm sticking to physical similarities but also on actors that can portray the energy and character that I've researched each hero had.

So, for the temperamental and strong-headed colonel Pedro Lagos I could not make a better choice than to call Pepe Sarmiento.

I met him 6 years ago while doing a theater play together (doing "The Little Prince" at the Segura Theater where he played the Businessman character). He is a very good actor. Having that deep commanding voice and that presence, I found him suitable to play Lagos. I took a picture of us with the Chilean officer in the computer screen and as you can see, he does look similar.

He was more than happy to be in the film. In fact, he happens to have Chilean family (his mother was Chilean)
We shuffled actor names that could play General Baquedano and a couple of names came to mind....specially one.

And he happens to be back in Lima after being in Argentina for years.
I think the stars are aligning for me!!

Improvised "measures"

An improvised, quick, rushed taking of measurements for the wardrobe.
I called my wardrobe friend and she happened to be close to where I was so she took measurements of Eduardo and Havier who was around.
He was flying out of Lima to promote a film he is in so I had to rush with him before he left.

People were watching us on the street but...who cares.

A good friend to play Saenz Peña

5pm and met with an actor friend of mine. Was thinking of calling him months back but wanted things to be more advanced.

Eduardo Alonso met with me for coffee (although just had orange juice, not into coffee to be honest) and it was nice to see him after 7 years. Last time we crossed paths was while filming another movie back in 2003.

I want him to play Roque Saenz Peña and he has not only his resemblance but also the age range the hero was during the actual battle.
Eduardo may look young for many here in the pic but I'm keeping it real to the actual age each hero was in 1880.

Found soldier equipment I can use!

Today I found interesting stuff I could use for the soldiers bullet carriers and straps for the backpacks.
They are obsolete army equipment that could do the trick.

I have to check it with a finished uniform, though.
I really hope this does it or I'll have to make at least 1200 of these from scratch.

At least the boots I found will work covering the strings.