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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Accent Rehearsals

This week is being dedicated to rehearsing the scenes with the Chilean officers actors (Gustavo Mac Lennan, Pepe Sarmiento y Patricio Villavicencio) together with civilian hacienda owner Weguelin (Igor Calvo).

It is important to reach a level of realness with that accent. I have seen many chilean videos where peruvians are depicted and portrayed and their accent seems a bit exaggerated or highland countryside sounding. There are typical highland and urban Peruvian accents as I'm sure there are in Chile too. The coast cities here have their own accent and usually officers live there as the main headquarters of a countries capital is in there. So I'm telling my actors to keep the accent noticeable but not too "amplified" with the high and lows of the typical Chilean accent but keep it more compressed and normal. More city-like. I showed them videos of Chilean politicians and learned the sound and fluctuations and then we practiced the script with that.

So far it's doing good. We just need to practice more so they don't have to concentrate on the accent but on the scene. To have that accent so natural that they don't have to think about it.

On a side note, Pepe Sarmiento was so nice to host a nice meal for us as we had the rehearsal at his apartment. Thank you Pepe, you are a good cook!