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Wednesday, November 27, 2013


November 27, Infantry Day and there was a special ceremony held at the Infantry Legion attended by many officers and ex Commander-in-Chief's as well as a representative of the one in office now.

Was invited to showcase parts of the film and I feel joy to be decorated and honored for " Gloria del Pacifico" and how it will serve the nation. Also joined the Legion as an honorific member. Good to see many officers and former ones that have helped in a way to make this endeavor a reality.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

A digital playground in my studio

"Having fun" with the tiresome work of rotoscopy. In this final stage of post-production for "Gloria del Pacifico", chose what scenes needed digital touch-ups and composite work and so far its around 120!!

Started two weeks ago with all the battle scenes digital composites and rotoscopy and its such a pain in the butt for its complexity (CG explosions that match the original ones on camera, bullet trails, sound effects, wire removal, sky replacement, color-grading, etc). My Wacom drawing tablet comes in handy for this fine-detailed job as precision needs to be of a surgical manner.

Also, I'm very happy that technology has progressed quite a bit since starting this film a few years ago as many things I envisioned originally had to be toned down in order to make them "filmable" with the logictics I had. Now, I'm pushing all my savvyness forward with digital compositions and things.

Since April been in this editing process and its now a month so far that I have a sidekick helping with it and things seems to move along faster. With working hours from 10am until midnight, its still a matter of a couple of months from today that the film will be complete. Meetings with sponsors are coming along all these weeks and I'm putting all my brain and emotions into this.

Now back to work.