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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Gloria del Pacifico's website soon!

Getting close to finishing the film's official website. Had to dump the prior designer for not progressing at a steady pace and stalling delivery times (a thing I hate and specially when people make stupid excuses like if I were dumb or something) so now I'm working with the guys at Heedcom. Cristian Alvarez is such a great guy and very much into making something good and delivering a polished product. I like people like this. People that like to feel proud of their work.

Dropped by their office this Saturday to supervise the progress and its looking good so far. Brought an intro video that will play automatically. The idea came out from the film Gravity's website and similar ones. The video in Gravity's site is an 23MB MP4 video file having an HD resolution and it took maybe a minute or so to load here. The idea is to have my video play as quickly as possible but the problem is that we still don't have here in Lima high-speed internet so over there at the US it would play almost immediately while keeping the resolution high. I had to compress the video as much as possible down to 9 MB while keeping the same HD resolution. It loaded kinda quick and looks smooth and fine so....problem solved!

Also, I want the site to be very informative, not just show about the film but also proven war facts so anyone from students, history fans and serious people can learn from it. If I can entertain and teach at the same time I can consider myself satisfied.

I'm eager to have it done fast to put it online.

The intro video.

Testing smoothness and initial play speed.

Results overview.

Important to also show war facts from the film.