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Friday, October 28, 2011

Now....retaking "Gloria del Pacífico"

At last, the weather is changing. It's getting warmer around Lima. The morro solar and surroundings aren't as cloudy as before. No drizzle or rain neither.

Time to warm up the engines and retake the film.

Running inventory of the hundreds of uniforms and soldier accessories. Checking scenes and continuity in order to make prior takes from months ago connect with what's to be filmed.

November....up in arms again!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

"Cortos de Vista" film festival (videos below)

"Cortos de Vista" vol. IV film festival. It was good to be back in Chiclayo and this time for this important event. And when I say important I do mean it. Every film festival is important for it's a showcase of many talents coming together to do art and give out a message.

It is curious what happens in a festival. Usually, because most of the participants are new people in the field or university students, the quality -technical and content wise- fluctuate between hilarious, amateur and heart-touching. This one isn't the exception but for some films.
It is so good to notice that many young people -in comparison to other festival I had the chance to jury- are more aware of how films need to be made, how to give out a message with just images and less words, how to instill a sensation in the audience with a topic. Perhaps it's the consequence of the media nowadays, the many channels of information as TV or the internet that allows people to know and learn quicker than before. We all capture our surroundings faster than before. We are always heading into a fast-paced future.

Festivals like this are also a chance to talk to young filmmakers about the ins and outs, the hands-in-the-mud rules of thumb or idiosyncrasies of the field that they don't teach you at film school or in books. Sharing one's experiences in order to avoid or spare the new filmmakers errors or hurdles that otherwise could mean loss of money or the total flop of their films.

I believe it's important to give a push and promote proper production to higher standards in film her in Peru and these is one opportunity to do it.

I congratulate all the people involved, the promoters and all for the invitation. It is always good to have a chance to do right for this beautiful field that is Film-making.

Meeting with the rector of the university

Local TV interview

Members of the jury

Discussing the scores

Giving away the prizes

Showcasing "Voces en el Silencio" on the big screen for the first time.

Tallking to the audience at the film festival.

Giving a seminar to Media students and new filmmakers.

Giving a seminar to Media students and new filmmakers.

With the rector.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Finished editing!

Finally finished editing "Voces en el Silencio".
It ended being just a bit above 30 minutes long so it falls into the category of a medium-length film. Rushed the color-correction process just to be in time for the festival I've been invited to to be a jury, for it will be shown there at the end as a special premiere (not the official one and not in competition either as I can't be a jury of something I did in the festival). As soon as I get back home I'll tweak it a bit more.

I'm flying today to Chiclayo for the Cortos de Vista film festival to be a jury. Flight leaves at 6:20pm and it's almost 3. Better rush to the airport!

PS: Lost the flight. The people that bought the ticket forgot to do the proper check-in in time. Catching the next flight available. Bit upset for I haven't slept well in a month. Three hour naps everyday isn't good.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Short film "Voces en el Silencio" finished. Now editing...

Finally, the short film is done and in the editing process. Have to rush it and finish it quick by the 16th as it's gonna be taken to Greece for a a latinamerican Tourism congress and this one is on the agenda.

Sleepless nights again...
Deadline approaching.

This video was put together by our soundman Alejjandro. Thanks for putting this together, man. I feel sad and have that "last day of school" sensation.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

"Voces en el Silencio" almost done.

Almost done filming "Voces en el Silencio". One more week and principal photography is ready to be edited.
This short film project has been a blow of fresh air to my frantic schedule filming "Gloria del Pacifico", specially because filming big locations and with lots of soldiers and logistics and locations can be quite draining and extenuating, but this is like going back to basics. Not that it's easy but each film has it's own demands and "Voces.." is quite simpler and because of that, quite more calmer in a way.

I have to thank Carlos Vertiz and Juana Herrera -beautiful couple- that called me on-board with this project of theirs and trusted me for this job. I have not only learned how delicate and important to address is this topic of human trafficking but also strengthen my vision about life and about how important is to make your own dreams come true. This is their dream and I'm happy to help them make it a reality.

Yesterday friday, finally slept at my own bed after spending a whole week at Callao in a hotel with all production stuff filming in dangerous locations but with the help of police security. Sadly, one day was lost because of a power shortage  in all three blocks of the surrounding area five minutes before filming (and the neighbors thought it was us who spoiled it), but this week we went at it again and finally made the scene work.

Now, finishing the new article for next month's issue of MAS magazine and on to work for next weeks filming.

PS: Weather is finally changing little by little. It's cold at night but the days are becoming warmer and sunnier and not so cloudy. Can't wait to have clear skies and sunnier atmosphere again up at the Morro Solar to finally return to filming "Gloria del Pacifico". This foggy weather and drizzle wasn't allowing me.