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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Positive meeting!!

The meeting went very well!!

The entity inside of the army that required my presence was a committee set to study and analyze the psychological impact all types of work that involves the army, would have on the general public.
And mine was to their liking and approval!!

I explained in detail what the mission and inner involvement I have with my film so they could see it has been responsibly approached (I mean, 6 years of my life into this isn't a joke, right?).
So they will make with my help a letter to send to the commander general that my film is up to par and that their help can come my way!

Of course I need the letter signed by the army proving with it their formal support with what I need form them. But all is coming on January as these days are holidays.

I'm so happy about this progress, apart that I met good people in those officers.
Small moves and all is going well!