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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I joined the legion!

Last week I joined the "Orden de la Legion Mariscal Caceres" (Order of the Mariscal Caceres Legion) and today was the ceremony at the Salaverry Military Center.

This legion is about promoting our nationa hero Andres Avelino Caceres.
I have already made my intention known that if my film project goes along well, I'll continue with Caceres and the Breña Campaign he did back in 1881 to repel the chilean forces out of Peru.
His life and patriotism goes along the ones that defended with honor our nation like Bolognesi and Ugarte.
Although he did not die in battle, he fought in several and even was president twice later on after the war.
General Pitot was there also and he agreed to meet with me this Friday to talk about my need for clothing machinery to make the soldiers wardrobe. He agreed but details will be talked in depth in the meeting.

It was a nice ceremony and also the Commander General was here. Just got a brief talk with him.
Im getting closer now!