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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Cannons building progress

The last days it's been quite of heavy working and preparing all for the next weeks' battle scenes in Ancon and in the Morro Solar.

The cannon's contruction is progressing and decided finally to make the tube in metal instead of wood as the base will be for I want to make it fire by preparing a channel pathway inside for the explosives and powder. Thought of doing it in post with computer-generated smoke and fire but I'll try to have it live and for real also. Let's see what happens. It's gonna end up being heavy still but compared to the 18 tons of pure iron in the real ones, it's worth the effort. Even if I wanted I don't think I'd be able to transport the real one up to the top of the Morro and back. Lol!! So this is the deal now.

Dropped by Callao yesterday to take more measurements of the one near the bay to have it as exact as possible. Even if it's a 500 lb Blakely, the Vavasseur one was a bit smaller at 250 lbs. but the shape and form holds similarities. I think at least one of the biggest Vavasseur cannon will be finished by the weekend. One has to be around, in person and putting a lot of pressure on the workers as they tend to stall as it's been noticed. Dislike that attitude but...that's how it works around here. Will take more pics soon.