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Wednesday, February 24, 2010


The whole week has been full of meetings at the army headquarters about me beginning doing a few videos and TV commercials for them. It was agreed to be like a "I help you/you help me" kinda thing so I'm cool with that. It's fair enough.

The first thing I'm gonna cover is how the army fights against the insurgent terrorist forces in the VRAE region and kidnap little kids to brainwash them with terrorist ideology.
I'm working on the script and production matters.
I would like to put my own grain of sand on the makeover the army is in truly need of.

I told the colonel to please move my project faster with the Commander in Chief as I'm delivering faster than them. I feel I've waited enough and need to move on to other production things like the uniforms. Can't have them ordered without a formal approval of the army's involvement on my film project. What am I to do if I have 500 uniforms ready for the film when I can't get 500 army people to play the soldiers?

Later I have my next meeting with the explosions expert. He is charging a bit high but offers not only knowledge of what I want but also safety above all.