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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Plan B

Today I met with Milagros Bellido, journalist and a very smart woman. Introduced by a common friend, we happen to share same mission and values regarding the necessity to evaluate and push up the sense of nation and patriotism.
She has written many articles for years about the unjustice and biased opinions against the army by localized political and social groups that look to diminish, belittle and dismember the authentic mission of the Institution. She understood very clear what my mission was.

Her husband happens to be also the son of an army officer and he is now a high ranking officer in the Navy. His name sounds familiar in the army family's circle of friends.
We arranged a meeting with him to start talks with the Navy as plan B.

The army is taking too much to answer.
And the sad thing is that its not the Army itself....but just one or two people inside that trap my project.

Thank God 99% inside are in favor, but still. I need to move on.
Can't wait on them.