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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Radio interview: Radio Capital 96.7

Today I had an interview at Radio Capital.
Carlos Carlin leads his own show and the hour was full of questions that helped clear a lot of doubts in the audience who had live-talk with me.

It was a such a good feeling to know the general population supports an idea for a film like this one.
More interviews are coming!
One thing I must add. I can still notice a certain concept in the Peruvian population of how we have grown being taught about the war we had and how both countries have raised our children to belittle the other nation. Kinda like embedding in their heads how good we were and how bad they've been. I can say with a certain reasons now (and to a certain degree of knowledge after researching 6 years on this topic) that yes...when at war, men do show their best and worst elemental side. The most primitive of survival and destruction takes place. Anger and hate mesh with love and sacrifice. It's definitely an odd mixture...a mixture I want to portray in this film I'm about to do.

And it's only just a few months away!
Better run fast in all the aspects of it.