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Saturday, September 25, 2010

More Peruvian and Chilean officer hats.

Finished two more hats for Baquedano and Lagos.
I had already made those like a month and a half ago but I'm making two more for some important characters as during battle scenes and filming they can get worn out or damaged. Filming in disorder sometimes allows continuity inconsistencies to happen so, this is my way of making sure none of that happens and get all accidents covered.

Also made four Navy hats. One for Guillermo More, one for Sanchez Lagomarsino (Ship-of-the-line Captains and Frigate Lieutenant respectively) and two more for lesser rank officers.

Tomorrow I'll finish hats for an Infantry Sargent and a Captain.
So far, looking good!

UPDATE: Here are two more hats for a sublieutenant and an lieutenant colonel.

UPDATE: Finished more forage caps: One for a Chilean colonel and another for the Granaderos a Caballo regiment.