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Friday, July 1, 2011

Chiclayo conference - 2DP

So, this week is basically full of meetings and pre-production work to gather all stuff required for the next big scene: the Morro, Bolognesi's and Ugarte's immolation.

It is required a lot of things in that scene, no wonder it's taking a lot of days to prepare, specially when the army is so busy now getting ready for a new president entering office soon.

A few weeks back, I was invited by the University of Sipan in Chiclayo to do a conference for their Communication Sciences career department to talk about my career as a filmmaker and also about the film. Today, I'm finally flying there and the conference is scheduled for tomorrow.

Among all the stressful situation's being lived lately, I see this flight as chance to renew a bit and to get in touch again with the academic side and recall the times when I taught in Inictel some years ago.

UPDATE: The conference called 2DP was smooth. It all went pretty well and the atmosphere was in general very appealing and of much sharing. The students were very interested on what was said regarding film-making advices and tech experience and afterwards was flooded by people with questions for more info. Next day it all continued with a local TV interview.

Thank you Francisco Barquero - a great guy, also his wonderful staff and the Universidad de Sipán for a great time and offer to teach your students the ins and outs of this wonderful but hard field that is film-making.


Unknown said...

FELICITACIONES SEÑOR OGANES, estamos siguiendo sus logros muy de cerca, y sus logros son los nuestros VIVA EL PERÚ.


Juan Carlos Oganes said...

Muchas gracias por tus palabras Pepper. Justo ayer fue la conferencia y fue muy buena y ya al final abordando los motivos por los cuales hago esta película y tocó el alma patriota de muchos y con ovación.
Por lo visto, lo que se muestra si tendrá un impacto mas grande de lo que pensaba por la cantidad de gente y por el interés visto. Eso es importante como tambien motivador de seguir haciendolo con responsabilidad para con nuestra nación peruana.