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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Music score progress

Tonight sunday I had another late night meeting with Fernando De Lucchi who is composing Gloria del Pacifico's film score.

Got himself a new system based mainly on Mac based Logic Audio and MOTU audio interfaces. The recently aquired symphony orchestra sample library seems to sound much more realistic as I heard from prior times and Fernando is catching up speed on its use with the new workstation. Now I can share the same peace of mind that sound realism is a reality now for I was very much mind-set on the use of real instruments together with realistic instrument audio samples to make the sonic landscape more pure as a real symphony orchestra but because of higher costs involved in hiring an ensemble, I think I have to let go off that idea and focus all in sample based audio. The film's costs have skyrocketed a bit in the end. Thank God I made many things myself otherwise it owuld have costed way much more risking the completion of the whole project.

But all in all, the sound emananting from those speakers sounded pretty much like real instruments. Technology has catched up to one's vision from the time I started the film 3 years ago. Hearing the score for Alfonso Ugarte and Timotea Vernal scenes were a delight and can picture it clearly in my head.

Gave Fernando a mid-res copy of some rough-cut scenes from the film to have him get a hold of the feel of it. Being such a professional in the music field for decades, I trust his talent very much so. Connection in vision is the key. Also planning on giving him a song melody for the Bolognesi death scene. Had it in my mind since early times of this. He will be orchestrating it.

Can't wait to hear all the music recorded and merged with the film.
Until the next meeting in a week.

Testing the wind digital instrument. Sounds pretty real.

Listening the score.

Showing Fernando the rough-cuts of the film to give him a feel of it.