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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Another seminar at San Marcos

And invitations keep on coming. Because of my interviews on TV and news media, I'm being asked to many places here in Lima and provinces to talk about the Pacific War and the film. Others request also seminars and workshops for their students if its a university.

Was invited to participate in a small conference at San Marcos university for the alumni of the History and Social Sciences career. The name in spanish is "New Ways to make History". Love to explain to students how important History is and show them how we see it from outside their campus., how valued it is and how important and vital it is to keep it alive. A country without history is a country without culture, and in a way, the film is a voice to those who are behind closed doors making research and to those who spend their lives between bookshelves and corridors. After it, some other proposals came. Let's see what happens. Like I told them, I'm in a way a frustrated historian and would have also loved to study it but, anyway, I read and research a lot about it so I'm following their path basically.

Its always good to be able to talk to alumni of this wonderful career and answer their inquires.

Apart from that, days before the event, I had a surprise call from someone I wasn't even expecting from: a descendant from a war hero in Arica: A direct descendant from Marcelino Varela. It was such a nice gesture from him to be able to to attend the seminar and talk afterwards about his ancestor. He was quite excited to see footage of the film where his great grandfather fought in.

With the organizers. Thank you guys.

With the great grandson of Marcelino Varela.

Signing of Pacific War books. One on the way.