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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Re-found an old treasure

Found again a little treasure I forgot its name of some years ago.
While doing some research for a TV show I was producing a few years back, the topic I wanted to focus on that week's show was our most old memories of my generation. Being in my 30's, all my farthest ones date back to second half of the 70's and all the 80's. Many people of my generation mostly run the media now in Peru and the lesser half are the old school who began doing TV way back in the 50's and 60's. Dinosaurs that have seen the progress of TV as we know it and live to tell it. My full respect to them.

I spent countless days laughing and amazed at some old stuff I couldnt even believe was still also being remembered by hundreds of other people: TV shows, old TV commercials, funny shampoo ads, old teenage bands, ridiculous girl stuff, memorable performances from long gone artists, places that were the "hot spot" back then, old fads, silly sneaker shoes that were the shit back then, videos that started a fashion, songs like "woodpecker's on space" that I used to dance to when I was so much into breakdancing, candy things that were the sensation, old sayings and slang words that started with my generation, when I used to chase the coca cola trucks all around the neighborhood in my BMX to collect their promotions when you saved ten bottle covers with the right word printed in the back, the late 70's jaopanese shows like Sankuokai or cartoons like Meteoro (Speed Racer now turned into a movie) which was the shit to me (and when I saw a rerun later in the 80's I was so surprised how in the world I could like that crap, but hey...I was just a kid!), old soccer games when I was heavy into soccer playing, Maradonna's "God's hand" when he scored against England and Argetina won the World Cup back in Mexico 86, watching my namesake Juan Carlos Oblitas do his amazing moves with the ball in Spain 82, etc, etc....and there is even this page that I was so crazed about called ARKIV (www.arkivperu.com) unmeasurable info on those years, years that are gone and won't come back but live in this colective memory of my generation in Peru....and Im sure of many in latin america!