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Monday, November 16, 2009

Meeting with the Commander General

Tomorrow, finally, I have the meeting with the Commander General.
It is exciting to know I'm getting to talk to the one deciding.

But what kills me with anxiety is the risk now, the huge risk, of having this project, a project of approximately 6 years, be put on hold or not taken because of the recent "spying/traitor" case with Chile.
New things are coming out in the open and it's all over the news nationwide and in other countries.

The situation is very delicate right now between Peru and Chile and I guess my project will have to be reviewed by not only this Commander General but also by the Secretary of Defense and maybe by the President itself. And with how the things are happening, I just hope it doesn't get banned or put on hold just because of "national security" reasons.

My approach is historical and not looking to make anyone look bad. Just showing facts as is in a very human way.

More than ever, our country and our heroes deserve to be remembered in a different light. More than ever, we Peruvians need to commit ourselves to our sense of being a nation and feel proud about it, but that's my intention and may not be taken as such by those deciding people.

I wish I wouldn't have to depend on those factors.
A dream, a project I'm in love with is in risk of being frustrated.
I pray to God these events are the push I needed to make this happen faster instead.
It all depends on God now...I just wish I knew what his plans are for me on this.