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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A new meeting...more hope

Today I got a call from the general headquarters by a colonel identifying himself as the one who I need to talk to about the needs I'll have for the film.
Other colonels told me he would call but time passed as these last weeks have been busy for the army: the miltary parade (that was supposed to be done on July 28th but was postponed till December 8th because of the Swine Flu thing) and the Army Day that is on the 7th.
it has alaso been interesting as Peru will be aquiring around 300 tanks. The thing is that from the three countries that are on the bidding (Russia, Poland and China), these latter one gave us tanks form less of a price and improving the standards that we needed to compete with the Chilean ones (the german made Leopard).

At $5 million each it was a bargain, but many are criticizing the purchase as its like a re-engineered tank and not built from scratch to meet the
high standards needed. Kinda like putting a Mercedez Benz motor into a Toyota chassis, so to speak. Not bad but not the best either. The new tanks MBT2000 were shown on this last parade causing much media attention and interest comapred to the old T-55 that we have had since the 70's.

I'm definetly in favor of renewing our army forces equipment but if I could have a saying in the decision-making process I'd definetly choose the best tank (maybe the Russian made T-90s). It costs much more and we woudlnt be able to buy 300. Maybe buy 240 or so, but put togerher with the old ones we have we might be able to feel we have made a wise purchase.

Anyway, the last word hasn't been said. China is re-tewking the tank and they only gave us 5 for the parade and will deliver the new ones in a 12 month span.
They have a few things to upgrade and then our tanks would lastly be up to par with our needs.

Many people feel investing in weaponry is a loss of money when we have poor people, hunger and education lacking more funds. I agree on that as a nation with knowledge and health is the best, but I also agree that a nation needs to be able to protect it's sovereignty and be able to repel any enemy action that challenges our peace and resources, specially when countries next to us are arming themselves way much more than us. We can't repeat the same error we did 130 years ago. There's a slogan I like that belongs to the United States army that states" "Army: not to promote war, but to preserve peace". I'm nodding.

Last Saturday was the Commander General's birthday so, that was another busy day for the army too.

So now, at last, another busy week for meetings at the general headquarters. Im having my hopes high for my film.