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Monday, February 15, 2010

TV meeting went very well

Today's meeting at the TV station was simply productive.
I was sitting with the CEO Federico Anchorena, owner Ernesto Schutz, Programming Manager and two army officers. The TV people were open and easy going. It set the mood of the meeting very good for me.

They were very interested.
They are proposing me to make a TV series of a certain amount of chapters instead of a feature film because the latter, once it's shown...all ends, but with the a series, the income is constant and it can be more exploited. I think I'll consider that for not only do I want to recover my investment but also have earnings over it.

That means I'd have to write much more than what I was doing to fill up many chapters.
Damn...that's more work but it means also more exposure and earnings...so I'll do it.
Another meeting is due with them next week.

I hope this finally sets the army to offer its total support, something that is such a headache so far.
Bureaucracy in a way.
I'm glad I have people inside that believe in me and this project.

Just to be patient and wait for contract signing.
This is an important dream to me.