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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Navy talks...progressing.

Sticking with my plan B, I met today with the Director of the Naval Museum, Contralmirante Casaretto. I was highly recommended to him by fellow friends and by the Naval Academy's sub-director Capitan de Navio Millones.

I can resume that meeting into two words: simply fraternal.
Casaretto could comprehend my vision with this project and also my frustration with the Army's delay with the signing of the support treaty. I could not only see navy officer compliant with the navy's ideal, but also a human being knowledgeable of the necessity of this types of work to be released on to the public. In fact, he is a lover of art and has been the author and promoter of theater plays regarding Navy topics of heroism and has faced the lack of support many times during decades with art topics like mine. But, he pulled thru also, so he understands.

He suggested some names and also supported my idea to talk to the Secretary of Defense himself as I told him I was pulling some strings here and there to get to him. He finally gave the push i needed.
I explained that if the Army takes more than two weeks, I was planning to have the Navy's support with the film. He was more than eager to uphold that decision. Even suggested to do so.

But I'm gonna wait a week and a half. Otherwise, I'll go with the Navy.
I'm only asking for support for the battle scenes, not permission to make my film. So if I cant have their help, another will....and the Navy is interested.

Meeting with the Secretary of Defense's adviser next Tuesday.