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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Deparment of Defense

Coming back from the Department of Defense. I met finally with the head adviser to the Secretary of Defense to talk about my film. It was worth the wait as for a while I didn't think it was gonna happen today. He came a bit late but excused himself when he arrived in a proper manner and he was such a decent and warm person. Seemed enthusiastic and he will talk soon to the Secretary of Defense to arrange a meeting between him and me so I can explain further my mission and goals with this project.

Talking to people as high up the food chain as those guys is really really hard. I'm glad to finally pull thru. I must admit sometimes its overwhelming, emotionally draining all these hurdles and patience-demanding, My dream is what pushes me forward and I want to take it to the limit.
But still, I want results.

One thing that annoyed earlier before the meeting -as I talked with a colonel who is supporting my film too- was the fact that while talking with the officer who is in charge of pushing my project forward with the Commander-in-Chief (and a person I was trusting and waiting on) has left it stuck in there without a follow-up, trapping my project in the commander-in-chief's office. And all just out of pure negligence.

Luckily I have 99% of the people inside on my side that see the importance and value of this thing.

The things I get to learn lately....mmm...