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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Meeting with vice-admiral Pizarro

Today I had a scheduled meeting at the Comando Conjunto de la FF.AA. (Peruvian Joint Army Forces) to sit down and talk with a very much recommended person who happens to be in love of history just like me...and specially about the Pacific War: Vice-Admiral Reynaldo Pizarro.

As expected, he understood the hurdles to push this project thru amidst all bureaucratic stages of dealing with government institutions. So he offered strong help on this and even valued the effort to make a film about a topic like this.

Later today he will have a meeting with the Secretary of Defense and will talk with the Army Commander in Chief. He said not to worry that if the army doesn't take participation, the navy will do it alone.
At least I have the Navy and the Police willing to support my battle scenes filming.
And that is really something!
Let's see what happens.

UPDATE: He talked with the Army Commander in Chief. He says he is willing to help and wants a full report from the Army History Commission. Mmm...I was told he didn't want to help before (according to those two officers that were wrongly handling my project inside).
I can't help but be leery. Let's see what happens.