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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Hats

This last two weeks have been frantic running here and there in search for the best hat maker.
I showed hat models that I was kindly borrowed by the army museum (was told I was heavily responsible for them if I was to lose or damage any as it is original historic material) but two makers failed me dead flat. Didn't even get close to it's shape...but one guy.

Today I was shown a prototype and it really looks good!
The shape of the frontal top part leaning forward and the bulky backside was achieved and tomorrow I'm hiring the guy to make me 40 officer's hats which the Army officers have the shape of this first pic I'm holding up.

The Navy officers have this one instead. This belonged to Miguel Grau for real.

And the Chilean soldiers that attacked Arica (3ro de Linea) use one that looks similar to this one. The one that is used by the 4rto de Linea is kinda similar in shape but with a neck cover and it's all beige/and color.