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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Putting details on the hats

It is definitely a tiresome process. Doing it one by one knowing its dozens of them is certainly a painstaking job but I have to admit I feel like each one has a touch of one's dream into it.

Just like Geppetto putting every wooden piece in Pinocchio's body, doing this requires a lot of patience but I'm glad to do it myself.
The body of the hat is given to me by the hat-maker (who actually took quite a while to get it right. The first tests were somewhat odd up until the 3rd one where he hit the spot) and only plain for each hat with adornments costs a lot so I chose to put the adornments myself and save some money.

These one's are the Peruvian army officers' hats. Soon, I'll be given the Navy officer's. The Chilean one's are already done as I show 2 posts back testing Baquedano and Lagos' uniforms.

The time for making all these items and uniforms is taking quite longer than expected. I'm getting really stressed out as time is running out quickly.