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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Building the trenches - Day 1

Today has been a pretty exhausting day but far from boring. Exciting indeed.

Took the sacks to the battle field together with some twenty five worker soldiers to dig the trenches. As soon as they started I noticed the progress wasn't moving along as fast as expected because the soil was mixed with rocks so the shovels weren't doing any much of a deal. I needed an excavator but couldn't find any around in time nearby.

I finally found a front loader that I could use to dig deeper holes and move the heavy rock-mixed soil for the workers to scrape and shovel faster. Front loaders are built to load heavy soil not to dig necessarily but it was handy and did the job.

It took the whole day to do some progress but it was faster than I expected. Things need to be improvised sometimes and this time it payed off. After the front loader was over, the workers filled the sacks with the sand and started piling them up as sandbags ready to be painted at the end to make them look like fabric bags.

Tomorrow: another full day of work at the battle field. I'm dropping dead-tired in bed and with a happy face. :)