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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Let's choose wise this time

9:42 PM By Juan Carlos Oganes , , No comments

I don't talk or discuss politics (or even footbal..lol) with people for it's always a matter of deep argument that many times push people apart, though I just want to say -in these delicate and very important moments of my country- that I hope, I so do hope, that my fellow Peruvians choose wise.

We have been hit socially, economically, politically and in our psyche a lot for the past decades and we have made many mistakes for choosing the wrong person. Many did wrong and many did right but here now on TV on the candidate's promises as election day approaches is the ever eternal discourse of "I'm for the poor and in need" when all they really do when in office is fill their pockets with our hard earn money. It's so sad to know we don't have much to choose from as all have a history of corruption and what not and we get to have to choose for the "minor evil" one.

I just hope there's a change for the good, at least a change that makes us all -30 million Peruvians- wake up from that old saying that states that "Peru is a beggar sitting on a gold bench". Because we are. We have much of the most beautiful lands of the world and with so much richness in all aspects. Our culture milenary culture proves it. We need to defend it and start believing in ourselves.

Let's recapture our sense of "nation" by believing in ourselves. Be it thru politics, thru economical growth, thru exportation and thru acquiring social values that we wont stand for corruption nor social laziness anymore. I want to help a bit with my art...as small or humble as it might be but with a lot of content and a message. Message is always important in art. Art without a message is simply a fly on the wall with a picture frame around it. My humble opinion.

Let's we all stand up and believe in Peru more than we do already. Our soil needs us more than ever.
We were great. Let's be great again.