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Sunday, April 3, 2011

A bit of the soundtrack of my life

Today I woke up to this sunny day after a relaxing sleep and with a somewhat mild mood.
As always, images of how the soon-to-be filmed scenes of my movie are passed in front of me like a 3D video displayed in my room wall as I open my eyes and welcome the day...and also today, images of my last days at school came to my head. Those teen years are full with stuff that marks everyone's lives forever and I do have some pretty awesome moments of tears and laughs.
Such impressionable stage in the life of any person is definitely a thing to consider serious, and much of those experiences were embedded in y mind to stay for the rest of my life: songs, places and people.

Much of that is music. Music that has stayed with me for years and are simply the soundtrack of my life. I have spent almost half of my life dedicated to art and music and few bands have touched my heart to the core like Queen, Yes and a south american band from Chile called Los Prisioneros. I simply was an eternal fan of those guys and never missed a concert they gave in here (only the one at Acho in 87 as I was living in the US around that time).

So I woke up to this song in the back of my mind: "Es Demasiado Triste" by Los Prisioneros and I looked it up on the net. Such strong and truthfully painful lyrics. Jorge Gonzales is a genius for writing this. Long live Los Prisioneros.

Sharing this with you all. A song from the soundtrack of my life.