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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Meeting at ProMarina

7:35 PM By Juan Carlos Oganes

Thanks to the good vibes and friendliness of Juan Jose Bardales, member our peruvian firefighter force here in Lima, I was introduced to Jorge Guillermo Guerrero, president of ProMarina, institution formed a bit more than 100 years ago to promote the labor and values of our glorious Peruvian Navy Force.

Mr. Guerrero was not only adamant to have a meeting as Bardales told me but also very excited to know the fact that a film about the Pacific War was being made. I wnet ahead to tell all the studies, research and years of work I've put inot this to make it a reality and even showed the trailer so he could "see" what I was talking about.

It is unnecessary to say that he was extremely excited and supportive of my cause.
It is so good to know there are still people around who value one's efforts to push people's national and patriotic conscience up.

In other words....I was in friendly waters. :)