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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

"Cortos de Vista" film festival (videos below)

"Cortos de Vista" vol. IV film festival. It was good to be back in Chiclayo and this time for this important event. And when I say important I do mean it. Every film festival is important for it's a showcase of many talents coming together to do art and give out a message.

It is curious what happens in a festival. Usually, because most of the participants are new people in the field or university students, the quality -technical and content wise- fluctuate between hilarious, amateur and heart-touching. This one isn't the exception but for some films.
It is so good to notice that many young people -in comparison to other festival I had the chance to jury- are more aware of how films need to be made, how to give out a message with just images and less words, how to instill a sensation in the audience with a topic. Perhaps it's the consequence of the media nowadays, the many channels of information as TV or the internet that allows people to know and learn quicker than before. We all capture our surroundings faster than before. We are always heading into a fast-paced future.

Festivals like this are also a chance to talk to young filmmakers about the ins and outs, the hands-in-the-mud rules of thumb or idiosyncrasies of the field that they don't teach you at film school or in books. Sharing one's experiences in order to avoid or spare the new filmmakers errors or hurdles that otherwise could mean loss of money or the total flop of their films.

I believe it's important to give a push and promote proper production to higher standards in film her in Peru and these is one opportunity to do it.

I congratulate all the people involved, the promoters and all for the invitation. It is always good to have a chance to do right for this beautiful field that is Film-making.

Meeting with the rector of the university

Local TV interview

Members of the jury

Discussing the scores

Giving away the prizes

Showcasing "Voces en el Silencio" on the big screen for the first time.

Tallking to the audience at the film festival.

Giving a seminar to Media students and new filmmakers.

Giving a seminar to Media students and new filmmakers.

With the rector.