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Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Filming day approaches and doing all the coordinations and planning for it is as always, a steep climb uphill and headache. Was missing retaking my film and the adrenaline it feels but, it is also nightmare doing stuff this size and specially trying to pull together many things like the army (and it's erratic times), hundreds of extras and it's wardrobe, thousands of blank-bullets making, actors schedules (that sometimes clash with their own agendas), transportation and all the expenses it involves to make it happen in the same time and space. And now that holidays approach its even worse!!

I truly love this film but it is in reality a true huge mind-boggling thing to put together. There are times or days like now that I just wish I could close my eyes and have it all come together as I envision it in a second. But until the day I get granted magic powers, I have to do it all alone, one by one and in its pace so it is done as professionally as it has been so far. This truly sucks my whole time and drains me emotionally with all the hurdles and dilemmas that I have to solution in tight time-frames. But when I see the results in the trailer and the footage on my editing station...it's all worth it.
The nation deserves it.

Last night, while attending the last day of a theater play of some good friends of mine (who also appear on my film) that takes place in the Presbitero Maestro cemetery, as I waited to be seated, I walked toward the Guerra del Pacifico hero's pantheon crypt. Never been there before and not even at night, but it was a good experience. If only they knew all the efforts I'm doing to make their sacrifice worth in the minds and eyes of the new generations of Peruvians. I called for their strength for they also faced hurdles involving hundreds of people. Maybe they are sending me light and strength from heaven all these time.

I want to finish this soon. I love my film and I truly need a break: physically and emotionally. Still a few months away from doing the last scene.