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Monday, July 23, 2012

Another Marca Peru video: Loreto, Italia

11:12 AM By Juan Carlos Oganes , , , , 2 comments

Oooh. Time of new things coming out, like this new Marca Peru video now talking about Loreto -our beloved State in the amazon rain forest- filmed in Italy with the same motive as the prior one done in Peru, Nebraska. It's well done and also sells the motives and culture typical of our jungle: delicious plant food, tribes and ritual, dances, etc. I did enjoy though the Peru, Nebraska a bit more. This one is very good too but somehow the prior one seemed more to my liking. Matter of tastes I guess. Anyway, here it is. Our mission to promote Peru all over the world is gaining momentum!


Descargar Android said...

Ey Muy bueno el post sobre la Marca Perú, Siempre leo tu blog ;). Me fue de mucha ayuda.

Juan Carlos Oganes said...

Mas que contento de ser útil con mis comentarios. Exitos y gracias por seguirme por aquí!