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Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Ciudadela fort and Cochrane explosion scene

Big plastic water tanks, special effects components, burnt oil, cables. All those aspects handled by an expert who knows the stuff puts things easier.

Well...here are the pics. Will post more facts soon. It's late and tired I am here.

Hammering all details of the cannon in place.

The Cochrane bunker scene.

Screwing the cannon pieces together.

Green screen chroma-key.

Painting the columns metallic color.

So far it's looking good!

Lovely lamby reminding me of baby visting us often.

One of the explosions for the Ciudadela scenes.

Another explosion.

Cochrane sailors burned by explosion.

Putting the beams in place after painting them.

Making the cannons look worn.

Rehearsing the scene actions.

Glueing the "bolts" on the beams before painting.

I know it looks ridiculous but...if it works, works.

Making the beams.

The green screen already lit.

Looking in a junkyard for parts for the cannons.

Sandpapering the found parts.

At wood store cutting woods in pre-measured forms.

Found interesting parts.