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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Casa de la Respuesta scenes

Finally back from location. Real Felipe's fortress is such and awesome place and the Casa de la Respuesta replica is like na oasis to me in Lima. Thank God there was one built for I remember thinking back in 2010 how was I gonna do to film the front of Bolognesi's headquarters as there's no similar home in Lima as far as I know. So...it is heaven sent.

No major dilemmas were faced just things here and there that weren't such an issue. The first night, the crew wanted a late-night tour inside two of the most "haunted" wings in the fortress: the King and Queen's towers. Talked with the person in charge and was kind enough to let us all in. So far, the only place that has been a location for us supposed to be haunted is this one. We spent like and hour or more but nothing happened. Nor did I hear or felt anything spooky. Nobody did. I think we were simply too many people and the experience is felt stronger when you are just alone in there or just two people. I don't know. Just a wild guess. At least, when filming at the top of the Morro Solar, some of the crew saw some human figures dressed up as war soldiers from the era I'm filming of. Well, that place was a battle field (outskirts of it) and when scavenging and removing soil to built trenches we found many old bullets and uniform buttons. Never saw anything myself but some did. It would have been an interesting thing to experience.

The big chroma key green screen we built proved handy for some scenes and I'll have to do a lot of rotoscoping and matte painting for there are many modern buildings surrounding the replica. Made sure to made static shots and some pans were done having anchor points in the far background for motion trackers in post to work with.

Now, off to our next location: deserts south of Lima!