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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Cortos de Vista V Film Festival

Posting this a bit after its date. Couldn't do it in time but it was good to be there again. The 5th installment of the Cortos de Vista Film Festival in Chiclayo. Head of Jury again and was nice to share the role of judging more work of up and coming new filmmakers and artists. It seems the visual techniques and emotional content are now better handled and better focused. Of course there's always a few that need either more sense of storytelling and/or a tighter sense of cinematography. But, it's a start. We all have made them. I've made mistakes when starting in this field. It's a learning process all the way to the top. The idea is to learn from mistakes and promote the production of more film material and develop these into an industry as other countries are.

The Jury.
Deliberating about the films we watched. 

The winners.

Wrapping ap the festival.

Jury and the winners of the festival.
Interviews for local TV.