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Sunday, September 30, 2012

In and out

In and out of Lima for many days. Not that I enjoy long land trips for these long legs are bothersome to manage inside a medium-sized bus, but still fun to do when I get to change scenarios and atmospheres for a bit.

Huancavelica is one more reason the high Peruvian sierras are what they are: simply BEAUTIFUL.

Here for meetings with government managers and coordinating production stuff for my next film ("Ccarccaria") to be shot here in November if God permits. It's a bit uneasy for me personally to have to clean, together with the danzante Damian, all the crap the former director and producer did and damaged with their attitude and swindle with production money. No wonder locals and the managers are leery as this former guy truly fucked things up as I'm told by everyone. But now its a new page and a new atmosphere thanks to these visits and talks I'm having here.

So far all is developing well. Glad the crew boys are progressing back in Lima with all details so as soon as I get my feet there we resume filming sessions of "Gloria del Pacifico". One month and a half ahead to finish it. Amazing how time has passed and all is almost done after all hurdles and difficulties.

Weird sensation in my soul....