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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Alto del Alianza final scenes

Making this post is still hard for me for looking at this images not only makes me proud of the achievement of such beautiful images created by us all: great actors, awesome tech crew, wonderful extras and the Army and my best visual effort put in it, but also the memories of my gone fellow friend. But as my colleagues and friends say, the show must go, for years of paramount effort and tireless months and months of non-stop hurdles and victories have been placed on this film. His effort and all of ours. A personal dream that I can say I share with many people that has worked with me to make it true and real.

The last battle scenes to be shot for the film.
Now with all the post-production and digital effects put in it looks something like this:

Retpuching Caceres' make -up.

Water distribution to all extras.

The burning sun.

Chilean infantry.

"Everybody down!"-shouted the chilean officer.

The heat was strong.

Explaining actor moves.

The camera rig.

Applying fake two-day beard to all extras.

Pepe playing chilean colonel Pedro Lagos.

Pedro as a peruvian infantry officer.

Andres A. Caceres warming up.

Caceres before a saber swing.

Josue, long-time extra as a chilean soldier.

The hand-held shots.

Good ol' extras and friends Cesar and Gustavo.

Mariano Santos and the Guardias de Arequipa.

Explaining moves to the chilean Carabineros de Yungay.

Chasing the Carabineros de Yungay. Front: Bolivian Colorados.

Army officers in charge of their soldiers as I explain the scenes.

The extras.

More explanation. Chilean Carabineros de Yungay and Cazadores del Desierto.

The Tacna-Arica train station sunset just after we were done.

Showing scenes to the extras.

The train scenes.

Chilean soldiers before leaving to Arica.

Break time with Col. Pedro Lagos.

Screen capture: Carabineros de Yungay.

Screen capture: Mariano Santos.

Screen capture: Chilean officers.

Screen capture: Infantry charge.

Screen capture: the battle at its best.

Screen capture: Caceres saber swing move.

Screen capture: chilean troops charge.