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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

New locations for Rosa and Timotea Vernal scenes

Now that we are done with battle scenes, I'm renewing talks with the places and locations to film at very soon with the Alfonso Ugarte, her mother Rosa Vernal and his cousin Timotea Vernal characters.

Took a stroll downtown to those beautiful places to see what's new and scout for more options for my late XIX century buildings and interior scenes.

So many options. Better hurry before the christmas holidays arrive. Those dates are crazy and filming is quite hard in those days.

Never mind those gorgeous lights. They didn't exist back then.

This is beautiful.

The counter and lobby looks like turn-of-the-century.

Awe-inspiring stained glass ceilings.

Looks like late XIX century Paris architecture somewhat.

Beautful halls.

Love this old mirror. I imagine how many reflections in a century it had.

Those wooden floors. Nothing like the old times.

Wish I could have a house like this one day.