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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

New locations for Timotea Vernal dream sequence

These weeks of negotiations with a local exclusive club didn't go well in the end. After being gladly given the green light back in 2010 when I was in the pre-production stage, the president of the club liked very much the idea of giving me the club for two days. This club (won't mention the name now), is a historical one, for two of the national heroes I'm portraying in the film were the actual founding members of it back in the 1860's before the war.

For me it was important and such an honor to be able to film in such a place where I'm sure many of the events that later happened during the war were discussed and talked about by our heroes. So, a few weeks ago I knocked on their door to finally film there as agreed beforehand, was such a let down to learn the president is very ill at the ICU and the vice-president took over, totally ignoring all the president's promises and offerings and denying such a valuable help. looking for an alternate location with similar arquitecture for the Alfonso Ugarte and his mother Rosa Vernal scenes.

Today, went to check again a location I considered back in 2010 also: the amazing San Juan Grande hacienda. I remember checking it as I drove by it on my way to Chorrillos. Run by the Canevaro foundation, I managed to get permission by visiting them on one of their main offices downtown and also found a possible alternate location to shoot the Rosa Vernal scenes. The staircase in their offices are great and somewhat similar to the former one at the club.

The "hacienda" is the same as when I visited time ago. Now, we will film there the Timotea Vernal dream sequence.

Canevaro Foundation downtown.
The beautiful glass tiles.
The floor tiles dating back to those old days.
The amazing ceilings. I love those shapes.
The staircase.
The hallways at the San Juan Grande hacienda.

That tree is the trademark of the San Juan Grande hacienda. It dates back from the war times and history tells that a small boy used to climb to the top to see and tell if the chilean troops were approaching. He was shot down by them. The tree has fallen like 8 years ago.

The chapel. Typical of any great hacienda of those times.

Inside the chapel.

Statues inside.

The hacienda inner patio.

The chapel altar.

Cross in the hacienda. They used to mark the ground limits.

Big halls.

Surrounding houses that belonged to the servants.