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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Editing the Hero's Oath and Bolognesi's Answer scenes

A few days ago I just finished editing the scene known in history as the "Hero's Oath" (Juramentación de los Heroes), event that happened in real life on May 28, 1880, two days after the Alto de la Alianza battle and ten days before the Morro's siege. The curious thing is that now -october 2013- I'm editing scenes shot back in January 2011...two and a half years later!!

Editing & Post-Production: the final stage.
It is indeed a long but important scene and moment in the development of Gloria del Pacifico's storyline and in the war itself. Any history buff will enjoy as much as I did seeing all the heroes sitting next to each other in a big table dining and discussing possible scenarios and strategies. Also important in it is that Crl. Agustin Belaunde pissed off everyone by stating that it would be better to surrender. An action that caused quite a stir in the other officers and cemented his reputation as a coward in the future (4 days later he would defect Arica and his batallion and escape into the night). Such a pleasure to have actor Juan Manuel Ochoa portray this character in all its glory.

Screen capture: Crl. Agustin Belaunde (Juan Manuel Ochoa)
Preapring the shot.
Today, just started editing the Bolognesi's Answer scene (La Respuesta de Bolognesi) and excited to give form and shape to one of peruvian history's most recognized and heroic moment ever giving birth to the most known phrase of all time: "I have sacred duties to fulfill and I'll fulfill them until I burn the last cartridge" (Tengo deberes sagrados que cumplir y los cumpliré hasta quemar el último cartucho).

This scene gives me such an emotion as it's probably the culprit of all I'm doing this for: Fatherland sense renewal and renovation of our heroes's deeds.
The dining scene.
Behind the scenes: The heroe's oath: an important scene.

Being part of history in a way here....

Screen capture: Bolognesi's answer scene: a paramount moment.

Behind the scenes: Filming the answer scene.