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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Chaska Ñawi -Film Festival days

The festival is done.

It was quite interesting to see such work of young students taking their first shots at this beautiful career.
Many were quite hilarious and some were capturing. Was nice to see some familiar faces on screen and I must admit it's a bit of an effort to see your freind actors perform in diferent roles that the media has "encapsuled" them in.
There was one film in particular which captured my attention and not because of it's story (it was well written) but because of it's neatness. It was so well handled that it didnt look an amateur job or a student film. That one belonged elsewhere. At the end -when reading the credits- I saw some familiar names and knew inmediatly that it got some "help" of major players in this field. So that kinda disqualified to our jury eyes it's true intention in accordance to the meaning of the festival.

A new born filmmaker not only needs that boost in esteem for they are trying to achieve but also it needs to be boosted with a sense of justice and justification. Having help of almost 50% in crew of experienced people make their starting efforts a bit of a "rush" into their desire of "perfection", getting lost many times in the true meaning of their primal efforts: earn experience and not just jump directly to conclusions.
To my believe, too much help from more experienced eyes makes a young filmmaker a type of puppet or "excuse" of the first one more than a "learning process" of the latter.

It is an obstacle in their path to grow as a professional filmmaker.
In the end, there was a similar score after the prior film was dismissed, leaving the decision on my lap to make the call and incline the weigh to one of the lasting two. Finally, I chose the one with more dramatic appealing and spoke our jury decisions to the public.

It was a good night indeed.