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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Festival de la Música 2007

The Festival de La Música 2007.

An event of events sponsored by E.Wong and run by the Patronato Conservatorio Nacional De Música lead by Wong's CEO, Erasmo Wong.

It's main idea was to gather good tasteful music and take it to the masses in different places around Lima. This time they chose the main circle in Miraflores-Lima. Together with their Gran Corzo de Wong held each year around our national holiday, I think this is their main event and showed with much of their pomposity they have all us acustomed to.

I was asked to direct the visual performance of the show as to direct live-show camera work.

Like always, the frenziness starts early and raises in adrenaline as the hours get close to the opening act. I remember Erasmo Wong himself coming several times into the van suggesting things for their sponsors who were gonna have a copy of the show (it was gonna be recorded live). He wanted their logos to be shown as much as possible. Marketing reasons of course.

It went on nice after a long sound and video check.
Here below are two videos of the making of the show.

A Busy Day...

A Busy Day...part II