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Monday, January 7, 2008

An interesting call

My good friend Ursula Mifflin called from Miami telling that a cuban-american band wants me to direct their new video single. They are called Alain Band and they are formed by some of the fine latin musicians in the city. The singer of the single is the one and only Cheito Quiñonez, known trompet player of Miami Sound Machine.
It's gonna be a nice experience. Good salsa band as she told me.
Let's hear it then....I'd like to hear the song to picture some ideas in mind.
They asked to be recorded in SD so I'm taking the Canon with me. The Canon lens adaptor will be used for the other lenses. I saw a nice Nikon 50mm prime lens on a store there online that's be good for my kit but that adaptor doesnt allow me that brand. I really need to get me one 35mm adaptor. I just tested the Brevis and I like it but I have read some articles about the Letus that has me interested. No more inverted clips.
It will be a nice opportunity to get my hands on one over there.