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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Alter Ego new video

The band....our band....

We had pretty good times back then playing concerts and the peruvian musical circuit.
I still meet and talk with some fellow members and some months ago, because of my new adquisition (the HD camera), we came up with the idea of shooting another videoclip for a song we wanted to have one for, so we chose "Utopia".

So far, Rodolfo Carreño, Toño valero, Israel Beltran "Putre" and Israel "Doom" Medina are on board. We tried to contact Miguel Flores but he is lost somewhere not returning calls. He doesnt even know why he is called so I don't think it's personal. He is just into his own stuff.

Not only "Utopia" has that dark/gothic sound to it but it is very majestic and gives a lot of imaginery to my mind. Besides testing the HD camera, getting back together for the day at least would be a very good thing to do and to remember.