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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Another option

Still searching for a good location for the video and another option has come up in my mind: The Posada del Angel pub/bar. They keep in place antique old stuff that with precise lightning can look rather spooky or gothic and that's the look I want. The AAA is quite nice too but it comes with little light and no props that'd help achieve what we need.

The problem comes in the fact that saturday is a day chosen as everyone is free and in the city, but it's also a busy day for any pub/bar too....so let's see what we can come up with.
If we lock that place for us it would be awesome but we must be quick as the owner is a bit dodgy but I talked to him and I just need to know how much he is gonna charge me. The shooting day is getting closer!

UPDATE: We got the place!! I talked with the owner and we have the place. Now, off to keep the pre-prodcution going fast. Not all memebers are here in Lima or available at the same day or at the same hours. Wardrobe will be needed.