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Friday, January 8, 2010

Another actor friend joining the club!

Among the many actor friends I'm asking to get aboard my film project is my good ol' buddy Havier Arboleda.
We haven't seen each other for almost seven years now and the last thing we did was the PNP police commercial back in 2003 and also with my good friend and her girlfriend Analí Cabrera who plays her wife in the TV spot. She was resting in that moment for she is under heavy chemotherapy since a year ago so we had the meeting with just Havier and me.

Catched up on our lives and he was glad to be part of my project. I asked him to let his chin beard and mustache grow and also agreed.

So far...so good on the casting front.
Tomorrow Saturday, meeting with my next actor friend Manuel Rojas. I'm sure he will like to be in this too.