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Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Pushing this film project forward is a very steep path and very emotionally exhausting...and I'm pulling thru with the best I can.
Definitely so far, one of the most tough projects I have put myself in as a goal and I know in the end it will pay off so much effort. 6 years of devoting on research and now 8 months pre-production. And this is my work stuff, my life so to speak, the things I love to do and done it for almost two decades.
The problem here is not the project itself...but the government institutions I approach. Don't get me wrong but....dealing with so many close-minded persons is simply annoying sometimes. Draining and frustrating at most.

The problem is that because of the script touching sensitive topics of the war, with a fellow country time ago (and which we still are in political conflicts nowadays) many of the institutions that would help for the battle scenes are putting a lot of hurdles and paper work and bureaucracy that it simply has converted this last step in the film pre-production process into almost 99% political and bureaucratic hassles. Not to mention the long waiting process and all while the rest of the stuff and actors need a fixed date now. I can say that I have met very helpful people here inside and out and their devotion to this project is so God-sent but the higher you go....the more uptight and more politically-scared those guys become. And I dislike that fear so very much.

Dealing with so many government institutions and their own interests is just a pain in the ass but I'm coming with some pretty good offers for them.
Politics don't mesh with art definitely and I hate people inside that have their own agendas and ulterior motives.

Proven fact.

But, right now I'm mostly wearing the producer's hat.
I don't know if its age or else but, calming myself after so much disillusion is handled better. I must admit that these months are a crush course on patience and resilience. I close my eyes and take a deep breath and later or tomorrow I feel better.
I know that a window opens the next day or the very moment a door closes and I'm a prove of that. The Navy and Police are being helpful so far.

So, after ranting and giving myself a pat in the back, I'm pushing forward....an that's what happens when you believe in yourself, so a big fuck you to the few people that doesn't believe in me. They simply don't know or just judge me by my needs/worries right now.

Modesty aside, I'm sure they wouldn't be able to push and handle so much as I'm handling now for a project of this scope is definitely no joke.
I dare them do it.
The rest is just a matter of time.